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Celebrate good times and great people! Custom engraved medallions are delicious gifts for teachers, bus drivers, helpful neighbors, or the awesome person who makes your coffee every day. Get a box of 20 and bring them to share a party or a holiday gathering or a box of 3 for individual gifting. Enter your message, pick your design, choose how many you need, and in a few simple steps, you’ll have a gift that everyone will love!

  • School-Safe, Fair Trade Chocolate (Can you say Teacher Gifts!?!)
  • Individually wrapped in a compostable cellophane bag
  • We are pleased to accommodate orders over 100 pieces, just Contact Us for an adjusted shipping time.
  • Shipped within 48 business hours of your order with love and expertise. (No melting chocolate on our watch!)

We are delighted to use Guittard chocolate for all of our favors and gifts. The Guittard family has been making chocolate in the small-batch French artisan tradition for five generations. Their world-class chocolate is renowned for being finely crafted, sustainably sourced and exceptionally delicious.

From their couverture line of chocolates, we have selected three types to choose from. Each Smooth Milk and Golden Dark chocolate is hand-dusted with FDA-certified mineral dust to enhance the engraving and add a beautiful shimmer.

Smooth Milk - 38% cacao
Golden Dark - 61% cacao
Classic White - 31% cacao

More Ingredient and Allergy Information

Each personalized box of chocolate contains:

  • A 7 ounce chocolate Card
  • A paper Gift Letter in a wax-stamped envelope
  • An extra 1 ounce chocolate bar

Please use our Custom Order Form for Event and Business inquiries.

Allergens Badges

Fair Trade Certified™ Ingredients Badge World Cocoa Foundation Logo Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal Kosher Badge



Each chocolate is custom made just for you and will be shipped or ready for pick up within 2 business days unless you request a later date. Use the date picker to schedule your shipment for up to 6 months in advance. We will contact you if we need to adjust shipping or pickup dates for weekends and holidays.
Engraved chocolates are best when they're fresh! Please schedule your chocolate to arrive within one week of when you need it.

Contact us if you have any questions or need chocolates for business or a celebration.



Order by 1:00 PM (EST)








We ship with love and cold packs to anywhere in the continental US. Please allow 2-4 days for delivery via USPS.

For event and business inquiries, please use our Custom Order Form.


Shipping Prices

  • Order total $20.00 & under = $6.00 shippping
  • All orders over $20.00 = $10.00 shipping
  • Shipping cost will vary for custom orders.