Every Personalized Gift Box Includes:
  • Your message, laser engraved into the chocolate stationery of your choice.
  • Extra 1 oz. chocolate bar for instant eating or sharing.
  • A beautiful paper copy of your message in a wax-sealed envelope.
  • Comprehensive ingredient and allergen information for safe chocolate enjoyment.


4 oz.
5" x 5"



7 oz.
6" x 6"



9 oz.
6" x 8"



9 oz.
8" x 6"

The Sweetest Words Are All Yours

Opening a gift from Noteworthy Chocolates is a memorable experience that goes beyond a box of beautiful, gourmet chocolate. Watch someone open one and you can see it in their smile. It's that fantastic moment when they realize that they have received a message engraved into chocolate stationery just for them.

Their experience starts with a unique, personalized gift box. As they untie the bow and open the box, a message sealed with a wax stamp is revealed.  They are already feeling especially excellent, and then they discover that your message to them is engraved in chocolate!

It's a special chocolate, and they may not want to eat it right away. They might want to show it off a bit first. It does proclaim their special excellence, after all. But, as we all know, the temptation to eat chocolate is strong. That's why we include an extra chocolate token with every gift. And, once they do decide to eat the chocolate, your message isn't gone. It lives on in paper form as a keepsake to remind them that you think they are truly noteworthy.

All of this goodness comes in an eco-elegant package designed to be beautiful and biodegradable. From the cellophane bag to the compostable box and reusable ribbon, we are proud to have plastic-free packaging.