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Don’t be anonymous!

We’ve been talking all about Valentine’s Day here, as you might expect with only 3+ weeks out and us being a chocolate company, And that got some of us reminiscing about Valentine’s Day elementary school style.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly love in fourth grade when you snuck that pink heart valentine into your crush’s desk during recess, but that feeling of excitement sure was there! You picked out the most perfect valentine. It’s paired with what you hope is their favorite lollipop flavor. You wrote the perfect love note. And then…they read it! Oh the joy! Oh the wonder! Oh the anonymity!  Too scared to sign your confession of true love, you become “Secret Admirer” and leave them guessing. 

That might be fine in 4th grade, but nowadays, you’ve got to let them know how you feel! There’s just too much going on and they’re just too important to you. Whether you’re with your childhood sweetheart, your grandchild is a sweetheart, or your best friend has just the sweetest heart, Valentine’s Day really is a great reminder to let the people you love know that you love them. Honestly, saying “I Love You” any old day will do…especially if it’s in chocolate!


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