Noteworthy Chocolates is what happens when two people who love working together come up with an idea and start wondering, What if we…?

...could laser messages into chocolate?

...dream up a really thoughtful, personalized gift experience?

...find the perfect chocolate that anybody, even the most allergic person we know, could eat? (That’s Jennifer, BTW.)

...offer a beautiful gift experience using only sustainable packaging?

...rally enough support to crowdfund this wild idea through a Kickstarter campaign?



We started with the laser at the Danbury Hackerspace and a bunch of sandwich container lids and mason jar lids for moulds. Taking our dining room table over, we set out to learn what we needed to know. How to temper chocolate, what kinds of fonts and designs work in chocolate and what laser settings to use, were all questions we had to answer.


Basically, we just kept improvising and building on each success along the way. Once we proved laser engraved chocolates could look beautiful, we raised $28,500 in startup funds through a Kickstarter campaign and started Noteworthy Chocolates. A great community (thanks everyone!) and a lot of late nights helped us go from concept to business within a year. 


Now we craft beautiful, thoughtful and DELICIOUS chocolate gifts that are a joy to both give and receive. People really do say the sweetest things when they're engraved in chocolate!

Michael & Jennifer Sauvageau

Michael and Jennifer Sauvageau, founders of Noteworthy Chocolates, always keep things interesting. For over 12 years, play was their business. They produced and traveled to fairs, festivals and events around the US teaching skills like juggling, sphereplay, and other fun stuff to anyone who would join in. It was a lot of fun.

Now they love to help people connect and show appreciation with thoughtful gift giving and chocolate! 

Michael Sauvageau

CEO, Chocolate Excellence Officer

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and an innovator. He is a lifelong juggler, toy inventor, and lover of chocolate! He believes the most important thing he's learned from traveling around the country is to cherish the connections he makes with the amazing people he meets along the way.

Jennifer Sauvageau

CCO, Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer is a creative who loves to connect the dots. She’s allergic and sensitive to 40 foods, but thankfully, chocolate is not one of them! For 5 years she was a bald lady and she learned some incredible lessons about courage, kindness, and resilience. She is passionate about simple living, waste reduction, writing, and travel.