Noteworthy Chocolates is what happens when two people who love working together come up with a crazy idea and start wondering, what if we...?

...could laser messages into chocolate?
...dream up a really thoughtful, personalized gift experience?
...find the perfect chocolate that anybody, even the most food sensitive person we know, could eat? (That’s Jennifer, BTW.)
...offer a beautiful eco-elegant gift experience using only sustainable packaging?
...rally enough support to crowdfund this wild idea with a Kickstarter campaign?

We had zero experience with lasers! So we started by learning at the Hackerspace in Danbury, CT and once we got a handle on which settings, fonts and designs worked in chocolate, we kept improvising and building on each success along the way. The Hackerspace community helped us so much and they got to eat a lot of chocolate!

We knew that we liked to eat chocolate, but we didn't know anything about working with it! We learned how to temper chocolate and taking our dining room table over, we used sandwich container and mason jar lids for our early moulds.

Once we proved laser engraved chocolates could look beautiful, we raised $28,500 in startup funds with a Kickstarter campaign and started Noteworthy Chocolates. A great community (thanks everyone!) and a lot of late nights helped us go from concept to business within a year.

As we add new markets like business gifting and weddings, we keep finding ways to grow while staying true to our Noteworthy Values.

We promise to keep on crafting beautiful, thoughtful and DELICIOUS personalized chocolate gifts that are a joy to both give and receive. People really do say the sweetest things when they're engraved in chocolate!