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Happy Earth Day!

We care, a lot, about this beautiful Earth of ours, and when we started Noteworthy, it was a given that we build sustainability into our brand values. In our personal lives, we do our best to avoid single-use plastics (like ditching straws and toting reusable cups and bags with us), because we are keenly aware that plastic will be around longer than we are. And quite frankly, that's a scary fact! 

As a small company, perhaps the biggest impact we can make is to have the littlest impact on the environment. This is why we've put so much thought and research into our packaging! The materials are purposefully chosen for being Earth-friendly and biodegradable. That way, even if they aren't reused or recycled, they won't end up hanging around very long. 

Just in case you'd like some tips on how to repurpose and upcycle our larger gift boxes, here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Use the box as a seed starting tray this spring. Place some soil in the bottom and plant your favorite vegetable or flower seeds. Bonus tip: the box can be added right to the garden or compost afterwards!
  • They make great keepsake boxes or to places stash little odds and ends, like sewing supplies.
  • One half of the box can be used as a paint palette and the other half can be a canvas. Chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to paint night.


biodegradable gift packaging