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Melt-Free To Do As We Please

Welcome to August!

Man, is it hot out there, or what?

We'd say that it's hot enough to melt chocolate, but we wouldn't want to worry you. Our chocolate (all 500+ lbs. of it!) is safely stored in our temperature-controlled kitchen waiting to be melted on purpose.

For those of you who order during August, we want to make sure you know about our success rate for shipping your orders.

100% Melt-Free!

That's right, we do what it takes to make sure your gifts arrive in beautiful crisp condition. Our protective shipping includes plenty of (reusable!) cold packs and a heat-shield envelope.
Now, that doesn't mean that they can sit on a doorstep in the sun! We highly recommend that you check your tracking email and let the recipient know when it will arrive. They'll still be amazed and surprised at your cool gift, and probably really thankful for chocolate they can eat, rather than drink!

fine chocolate for personalized gifts
This is what 500+lbs of chocolate looks like. Quick, close the door, you're letting all the AC out! Just kidding, all the chocolate is safe and sound! ;)

Here's where August gets cooool!

Since we are Melt-Free To Do As We Please, we invite you to use the code MELTFREE15 to SAVE 15% on any gifts ordered in August. Come on...you know you have some chocolate-loving friends and family out there who need a little coolness right about now!

save on custom engraved personalized chocolate gifts

Wishing everyone cool summer breezes and melt-free sweetness in August,