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Sending Love Across The Miles

One of the things we appreciate about all of you is how much you understand the value of connecting with those close to you. Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and whether you choose to send to your loved ones or your best gals or guys, it will most certainly be appreciated. Birthdays, anniversaries, and 'just because' are also great reasons to send your love across the miles! 

We have become keenly aware of how important our friends and family are in our lives and we definitely took for granted the freedom to hang out and grab a cup of coffee with them! We've had more phone calls and zoom chats with friends than we ever thought we could tolerate, and find ourselves signing off with "I love you" instead of the usual "talk soon." 

A few of us here at Noteworthy Chocolates have taken to writing letters by hand again and sending them through the mail. We know there's just something exciting about getting unexpected snail mail that isn't junk or bills! And we figure that if we can bring some light to someone's life right now, then it's so worth it! Want to know one way to amplify that excitement for them? Sending them a chocolate card by mail!