Small Business Successes

This is a story for all of you out there owning, working at, or dreaming up a small business. We know first hand what it’s like to start from scratch, figuring out how to grow from the ground up and taking the leap from saying “What if we could” to “Let’s make this happen.” When it seems like all of the markets are saturated with products and other competing businesses, you may be thinking about what it is that will set you apart and what you can do to make a good impression straight out of the gate, making you unforgettable.

For those of you who don’t know, we at Noteworthy Chocolates decided on a relative whim to enter the chocolate and candy space, one that is overrun by the Hershey’s of the world. Michael, our CEO, which, by the way, stands for Chocolate Excellence Officer, was at a trade show at the Javits Center in New York City and noticed that many of the booths had little dishes of chocolate to give away in an effort to thank attendees for stopping to chat for a bit. However nice a gesture that may be, it did nothing to help Michael remember who they were! A seed was planted, and here we are now engraving personal messages on chocolate, no doubt helping other small businesses like ourselves make a great first impression. Perhaps those trade show folks would have had more success if they ended their elevator pitch with a piece of chocolate engraved with their logo on it. Now that would be memorable!

Aside from an edible business card, we’re constantly surprised by the creative ways our fellow entrepreneurs are utilizing our personalized chocolates to connect with people. We’ve seen everything from welcome gifts for new hires to notes of appreciation for a job well done. We want to know, what will You say in chocolate?


Just a reminder, Administrative Professional’s Day is April 24th. We’re offering 15% off our personalized chocolate gifts so that you can show your appreciation and say Thanks! 
Enter code APPRECIATE15 at checkout. Sale ends April 19th, 2019.

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