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Summer Shipping FAQs

One of the most common questions we get asked this time of year is if we ship our chocolates when it's hot outside. The answer is Yes, absolutely!

We know what happens to chocolate when the temperatures rise, and since melty chocolate is only good for s'mores, we take a few extra precautions when packaging the shipping boxes to keep up with our 100% No Melt Success Rate!

We carefully monitor the temperature along the shipping route, and if it will be above 75° at any point, we add low-moisture ice packs at no extra cost to you. We wrap the ice packs in cellulose tissue wadding to absorb any potential moisture and place the icy bundle along with the chocolates inside a cool-shield envelope to further protect from any ambient temperature changes. 

With our standard 2-3 day shipping times, we can guarantee that the chocolates will be delivered unmelted, however, it is out of our control if the package is delayed by the shipper or left to sit on a sunny doorstep. We encourage you to send it to an address where you know the recipient will be there for the delivery.  If it's a gift, we suggest you kindly let the recipient know that something yummy and perishable is on its way so they can be on the lookout. That way, it's their choice if they want melty chocolate for s'mores!

We're committed to helping you gift delicious, thoughtful chocolates year round and we're proud of the fact that these gifts are also planet-friendly. We encourage you to re-use the ice packs and cool-shield, perhaps for a summer outing, and the wadding and gift box are both recyclable and compostable.