Communities Run on Kindness

It’s the start of another week and while we know that for some of us, the days of the week have lost some significance, we’re all still hanging in there and that’s no small accomplishment! We are fascinated with the things that people are doing in their own communities to show up for each other. Even though it’s called social distancing, we are seeing our community become closer socially while keeping distanced physically. So we thought it would be nice to highlight some of the noteworthy people in our community here in Bethel, CT. There are so many, it was hard to choose, but we had to start somewhere.

Noteworthy Chocolates customerPlease meet Maria Rodrigues, owner of Escape Salon in Bethel, CT. She generously donated her stash of gloves and masks to the first responders when she was forced to close her salon doors. She also put care packages of shampoo and conditioner together for those having to extend their shifts at the hospital. And, she’s coordinating with other salons to do the same. If that wasn’t enough, Maria just asked us to craft custom chocolates that she could deliver to other essential workers in our community. She wanted to let them know just how much their hard work is noticed and appreciated. The store workers at Caraluzzis (our local, family-owned grocery store), the Bethel Police Department and Fire Department, and Danbury hospital staff and some other hard-working people all got surprise deliveries over the Easter weekend!!

We know that chocolate isn't really essential, but keeping our spirits up is really important and chocolate sure helps with that! As we like to say nowadays, “Life Happens. Chocolate Helps.” So while we have contributed chocolates to the hospital and have been able to help in other ways, Maria inspired us to create something that can reach further than we can do on our own. Something that people can do in their own community. Because communities run on kindness and we believe that most of us can make the most impact at a local level.

Custom Chocolate for Essential Workers

If you’d like to give chocolates to essential workers, we are offering almost 50% off our regular prices plus free shipping on orders of 25 pieces or more. Impressions are $2.00 /piece and Medallions are $3.00/piece. You can choose any design from our Collections and add a personalized message or if you have a business, you can add your logo. Order by phone 203.456.6894 or email

A silver lining to all of this is being able to shed light on how truly noteworthy we can all be when it comes down to it. We’re all trying to utilize our best strengths to help our communities. Some are sewing masks, some are supporting restaurants so they can help feed people. Ours is using chocolate to bring a bit of joy that can lighten and brighten our days. We would love to hear from you! 

In gratitude,